Hi, I’m Sam! I am based in Southampton, Hampshire. My interest in technology started at a young age, inspired by the ever-changing mobile phones of the early 2000s. From there I started learning about how to build computers from separate components, as well as installing Operating Systems from scratch.

Outside of computers themselves, I’ve always had a keen interest in photography – taking pictures of nature, animals, cars and sharing with friends & family or online via Instagram and Flickr, using RawTherapee and GIMP to edit them prior to sharing.

I also love to attend car events, they allow me to meet up with like-minded enthusiasts and view both rare and incredibly fast modern and classic cars. I often post videos of these to my YouTube channel, which I maintained while studying at University.

Helping people is also very important to me, so I’ve set up my own knowledgebase featuring tutorials and guides for more niche IT related topics, many of which lack good documentation on the wider internet.

I have 5 years experience supporting IT infrastructure in schools, and I am ready to specialise in and keen to learn newer technologies based around Linux (containers, IaC, cloud, SaaS).