Here’s a list of the services I self-host. The majority are run at home, with a few in the cloud (hosted by Scaleway, Oracle & Google). Click on the name of any service to see an example screenshot, or click the logo to learn more about the service from the developers themselves!

Apache Guacamole

Clientless remote desktop gateway, running in Docker container. Used for managing my servers within a web browser

BitWarden RS

BitWarden password manager server written in Rust, running in a Docker container


Simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform for organising and storing information, running in QEMU virtual machine. Used as a knowledgebase

Home Assistant

Managing smart home devices including Z Wave support, running in QEMU virtual machine


Homepage configured by yaml, running in Docker container


Open Source Mail Server with Roundcube webmail interface, running in QEMU virtual machine


RSS news reader aggregator, running in Docker container


Configured on multiple servers to function as reverse proxies to forward to different servers depending on requested domain


Open source NAS software, providing Samba, NFS, AFP services. Running on bare metal


DNS level advert and website blocking. Running in multiple QEMU virtual machines with high availability

Plex Media Server

Stream media locally and over the internet. Running in an LXC container with Intel iGPU passthrough for hardware accelerated transcoding


Allows creation and management of QEMU virtual machines and LXC containers. Running on bare metal in a 3 node cluster with high availability


Open source game server management, running in a QEMU virtual machine


Open source CMS, running in a QEMU virtual machine. Used for designing and managing this website


Open source network monitoring, running in a QEMU virtual machine. Notifies me of any network issues


Open source CCTV, running in a QEMU virtual machine